Thank goodness that this is the last of these things I’ll have to do. I should invest in that Dragon Speak software or whatever.

Honestly I really just wanna go kick on a beach somewhere. Eat some lemon zest chicken and maybe go for a run. Oh that reminds me! The point of this crazy rant: I wanted to talk about Zesty Runner.

If you want a blog that goes absolutely nowhere and fast, look no further than here. It is about as uninteresting as the last blog post I wrote about.

Ok about the decision to do local SEO. I think that’s going to be a home run. And I trust my boy Tyler. He will do a good job. Ok that’s enough of that. I really can’t stand doing this anymore.

How in the world did I manage to pump out so many articles before? I guess I’ve gotten lazy. Let’s keep trying though. No need to stress. Let’s get to 200.

Dannyboy is at the beach right now. I wish I was in Barcelona right now and living in my old apartment. I really do love that place. You can walk to the beach and get some work done as well. Although an upgrade would be nice as well! We shall see. :)

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